You can do it

Installing your own rain garden, BayScaping, rain barrel or tree may be simpler than you think.  The resources below can help you plan for and install a project. 

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Rain Barrels

Installing your own rain barrel can be easily done within an afternoon.  These step-by-step guides and videos can help you get started.

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Shade Trees

Use the resources below to plan, pick, and plant a tree.  No previous experience required!


Rain Gardens

Installing a rain garden takes a little time and planning, but offers major stormwater benefits.  These resources can help you map out your own.

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BayScaping may sound technical, but is straightforward to install.  BayScaping or conservation landscaping just means replacing grass with Chesapeake Bay native plants.  Create your own using these handy tools.

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RiverSmart Rebates

The RiverSmart Homes program offers a series of rebates when homeowners install their own rain barrels, shade trees, or rain gardens or remove impervious surfaces and replace them with vegetation/permeable pavers. Any District single-family homeowner is eligible to apply for these rebates, even if they already participated in the RiverSmart Homes program.