Rainwater collected in rain barrels can be used in various ways, but the key is to use it.  Draining your rain barrel periodically will help ensure it is ready to collect more stormwater the next time it rains.

If you've had your rain barrel installed by RiverSmart Homes, you likely have a RainGrid RiverSides and/or a Stormworks Hydra.  These are the two brands of rain barrels installed through RiverSmart Homes to date. These barrels are enclosed to eliminate the chance for mosquitoes to breed, and have an overflow mechanism to move excess water away from the foundation of your house.

Maintaining your Rain Barrel

Watch the video series above to learn more about how to maintain your rain barrel!

When the barrel is set to collect:

  1. Clean the filter to reduce clogging

  2. Drain the barrel between rainstorms to maximize the amount of rainwater captured

When the barrel is set to bypass: 

  1. Empty barrel

  2. Leave spigot open to winterize barrel


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