Permeable pavers are a self-draining system that allows rainwater to seep around individual pavers, soaking naturally into the ground underneath. Removing impervious surfaces and replacing them with permeable pavers is common for patios, driveways, and parking lots. 

Permeable Pavement Illustration (Source: Illustration by Doug Adamson, RDG PLanning & design, provided by usda-nrcs in Des moines, iowa)

Permeable pavers is more expensive than conventional paving but can last longer. The total installation cost would depend on site specifics, such as access and slope, and materials selected. On average, permeable pavers projects cost between $25-35 per square foot.  Re-vegetation project costs range from $6-13 per square foot.

Maintaining Your Permeable Paver System

Watch the video series above to learn more on how to maintain your paver system!

Once your permeable paver system has been installed, there are some maintenance tasks that should be done regularly to maintain the efficiency and extend the lifetime of the paver system. They include:

  • Inspect the site on a regular basis, particularly after heavy rain storms, and clear off any soil or debris

  • Avoid placing soil, mulch, sand, or other fine debris on the pavers as these can clog the system and prevent water from soaking in

  • Sweep and/or vacuum permeable pavers every three months to prevent dirt and leaves from accumulating between the gaps and clogging

  • Make sure that the gaps are well filled with course gravel; if necessary, refill them

  • Fix or replace damaged permeable pavers

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